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Moduurn Introduces a Customizable App for the New Era of Mobile Ordering

Jul 2, 2019 12:09:35 PM / by Joanne McDonald

May 30, 2019 – Victoria, British Columbia – In an effort to capture the massive demand for customizable mobile ordering apps, Moduurn today introduced a powerful and unique cloud-based platform—a DIY mobile ordering and delivery solution.


Many small to mid-size businesses don’t have the skills, budget or resources to build a mobile ordering app that’s unique to their brand, products, and culture. Yet, 60 percent of restaurant operators say that offering home delivery has generated incremental sales. Moduurn is leveling the playing field by providing a customizable mobile app that enables businesses to easily extend their brand to customers, providing valuable opportunities to drive sales while boosting customer engagement.


Orders placed via smartphone and mobile apps will become a $38 billion industry and make up nearly 11 per cent of all quick-service restaurant sales by 2020, according to Business Insider Intelligence reports. Moduurn is aggressively pursuing this market with a unique approach and set of customizable technologies, offering alternatives to larger players, including popular third-party food delivery platforms like Skip the Dishes, that allow little opportunity for restaurant owners to optimize the customer experience. Moduurn makes it easy for businesses to meet the needs of their customers with solutions built to suit each unique customer-base.


For example, transit drivers can’t park and get out to get lunch? No problem. Red Barn Market, a grocery and deli with multiple locations in Victoria, B.C., enables local transit drivers to order through the app and have their lunch delivered to a nearby bus stop for quick pick-up.


“Keeping a flexible and adaptable mindset is paramount for the continuous improvement of our services, technology, and offerings,” says Alex Cook, CEO of Moduurn. “We empower our clients with a wide range of scalable solutions for their own branded application. We make it easy for them to increase their sales and build customer loyalty with our robust mobile ordering platform and associated marketing tools. It’s a thrill for us to see our vision making a real difference for these businesses. We help them to connect with their customers where and when they are demanding it.”


According to a recent report, 45 per cent of consumers say that offering mobile ordering or loyalty programs would encourage them to use online ordering services more often. Moduurn is working with businesses across multiple industries to offer the fastest and simplest way of delivering a comprehensive user experience for mobile ordering. For restaurant owners, the expandable platform is a cost-effective solution that is easy-to-use for clients, staff, and managers. Plus, the technology seamlessly integrates with existing POS systems making it an easy add-on that requires minimal set-up and training time.


33 percent of consumers say they would be willing to pay a higher fee for faster delivery service. Moduurn enables businesses to work more quickly and efficiently, while speeding up the time from order to delivery with a customizable app that enables every customer to be treated like a VIP. Moduurn is serving a variety of businesses big and small, across British Columbia, Canada and the United States with the ability to create customizable, branded mobile ordering apps.



Peter DeBruyn, Chair of the B.C. Food and Restaurant Association recently praised Moduurn for their innovative technology and customer service model saying, “restaurants and food and beverage providers across our province are fortunate to have this company in our backyard. Moduurn works hard to serve its’ local client base making it easy for restaurants to implement an affordable mobile ordering app that drives quick ROI while allowing them to better serve their customers.”


Moduurn has proudly partnered with community favourites in Victoria, B.C. like Red Barn Market. With 7 locations, this busy grocer and deli partnered with Moduurn to build and launch a mobile app to allow customers to skip the lunchtime line-up by pre-ordering and paying for custom sandwiches in advance – for quick pick-up at a designated time. The customizable mobile ordering app provided immediate benefits with rapid adoption by customers and employees who shared positive feedback about the time-saving ease delivered by the app.


With the Moduurn mobile ordering app, customers like Red Barn Market are now better able to plan for capacity, reduce lines and improve brand loyalty and advocacy. Plus, with better access to customer data including buying patterns and preferences, the business gains a wealth of information to help increase operational efficiencies while delivering a more personalized experience.


“Our customizable Moduurn mobile ordering app gives businesses full control of the set-up allowing them to add menu photos, replicate customer ordering workflows and ultimately improve customer service, sales, and loyalty. By allowing the business to utilize their brand throughout the entire customer experience – not only in the product and food – but beyond - we provide a solution that helps future-proof their business,“ said Jose Albis, Chief Growth Officer of Moduurn.



More About Mobile Ordering with Moduurn

Moduurn is a cloud-based mobile ordering app. Highly customizable, Moduurn gives you a mobile app that extends your restaurant or food and beverage services onto your customer’s mobile phone while working alongside your existing POS systems. With customizable menus, you have the power to share daily features with your customers while enabling them to save time by skipping the line. Plus, with the Moduurn mobile ordering app you get insight into important customer information to help future-proof your business.


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