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Tap Into Brand Loyalty with Mobile Ordering

Jul 8, 2019 12:53:46 PM / by Jose Albis

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As a restaurant owner in a digitally-driven world, you’re fortunate to have the opportunity to build brand awareness and drive customer satisfaction with one key tool—your customer’s smartphone. From bringing customers in the door ready to engage, to ensuring a flawless experience, to leaving a lasting impression that keeps them coming back, the restaurant business boils down to one strategy—building relationships. With mobile ordering technology, capturing brand loyalty is easier, and more impactful than ever—let’s look at how it can redefine your customer service game.


Serve up convenience

Gone are the days of trying to place one-at-a-time phone orders with a noisy restaurant! Using an app, your customers can easily generate their orders exactly how and when they want them, and prepay to skip the line. Daily feature and promo notifications keep your customers in-the-loop so they’re always ready to order, and location services make it easy to find your multi-location restaurant, from anywhere.


Put the choice in your customers hands

The key to a happy customer is to provide personalized service. With the choice in their hands, customers can enjoy a user-friendly and intuitive experience that leaves them hungry for more! You can offer the ability to personalize a burger order, for example, and provide options, from choosing the patty, to adding the cheese, toppings, sauce, and sides, to build a meal exactly to your customer’s liking. Track customer preferences—gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, etc.—and leverage these interactions to identify and deliver the menu items that your customers really want to eat.


Stand apart from the crowd

Your restaurant has a certain workflow and so does a customizable mobile ordering app. Easily build an in-app menu that allows customization, map a workflow that coordinates with your front-and-back of house operations, and benefit from smarter inventory tracking to easily stock your kitchen and place product orders. Use auto-generated data to personally understand what your customers are looking for, and what sells. With the mobile ordering taking care of itself, your staff is free to scale-up in-house customer service to ensure a positive experience, all-around.


The ability to adapt in an ever-changing industry is vital to maintaining brand loyalty. Understanding the needs of your customers, adapting to suit them, and pivoting your strategy based on performance is essential to remarkable customer service. With a user-friendly mobile app, you can cultivate long-lasting customer relationships and extend your brand way beyond the doors of your restaurant.


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Jose Albis

Written by Jose Albis